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Samuel Raybone

Samuel Raybone is Lecturer in Art History at Aberystwyth University in Wales. His new book – Gustave Caillebotte as Worker, Collector, Painter – re-interprets the career of this once-forgotten painter by foregrounding his compulsions to work and to collect.
His current research explores the diverse meanings of impressionism in Wales, as a case-study in the globalisation of impressionism and its localisation in global peripheries. This project responds to postcolonial calls to ‘provincialize impressionism’, on which subject Raybone is convening a panel at AAH2021.
In addition to the history and historiography of Impressionism, other strands of his research examine intersections of class and disability in nineteenth-century French photography; the place of images in ephemeral material culture; and historicity and aesthetics in the writings of Walter Benjamin.